Summer Sun

As an “Ex-Pat”, to say that Summer is an important time of year might actually be an understatement. But I guess a little context is in order. When I say “Ex-Pat” I don’t mean those people who live in countries like England, or France, or Germany though I’m sure they offer some level of difficulty for any non-native. When I say “Ex-Pat”, I’m talking about those of us that live in places like Nigeria, Saudi, Indonesia… Places that offer a 180 degree glimpse of life. A glimpse what the rest of the world lives like.

When one finds themselves working and living in such exotic locals, you start to really appreciate “Summer”. Summer becomes the time for “Normal”. And by normal, for us, it’s the luxury of being able to brush your teeth with water out of the tap. A time when mosquito’s are a nuisance and not a harbinger of a near death experience or even a death experience. A time where my wife can choose to drive herself without it being a scandalous event. Yes, Summer, for those of us who actually chose to live such adventurous lives, is a return to the riches and freedom we sometimes failed to recognize. Even if it is so simple a thing as being able to use a bathroom that isn’t sopping wet. Summer begins with a near sonic boom created by the vacuum of other ex-pats leaving the country on “the day after” the last day of school and my summer generally begins at some other point in time as a result of “vacation” time.

This year, my summer began of July 4, 2016. And this summer was going to be incredibly unique as I was heading back to the “farm”- Fernweh. And though I would like to recount the 30hr journey, it is easy enough to imagine for yourself. You know how when you sit on the toilet for about 10 minutes and your feet/legs, hell, Lower torso falls asleep? Yeah, multiply that by 7 add a couple of poorly mannered waiters and a crazy “neighbor” and you get the idea of traveling in an airplane for 21 hours plus the 9 hours of lay-overs… It’s a whole lot of awesome.

But to be honest, knowing that I was headed home made the travel actually quite enjoyable. Interspersed with the mind numbing muted roar of the jet engines, I was constantly day dreaming of the work that awaited me at Fernweh. And like most “dreams” the reality was a bit different. Different in that I really envisioned things not taking as long to do as they actually took. Part of that had to do with my lack of knowing how to do them, the other part was uncovering things that needed to be done before we could proceed with what we began to do that day. But mostly it was due to being rusty doing those type of things. Hard work is like being fit, its easier to stay in shape than get in shape and so too with hard work…

I also had visions of posting more on the site during the summer… Sipping on coffee while the sun rose and banging out Nobel prize worthy stories… Again, dreams and reality… Your results may vary!

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