A Little on Jakarta


View from my office
View from my office

Jakarta Indonesia is a fascinating place. It is a contradiction. It’s a dump. It’s a jewel. It’s full of happiness and joy. It also overflows with despair. It is Wealthy wrapped in poverty. It is corruption and Integrity. Poetical license aside, when you cram

IMG_4377 31 million people into a 1200 square mile area you are bound to get the sort of contradictions I speak of. By comparison, the nearest urban area in the US would be the New York Urban are which comprises New York, New Jersey and Connecticut in a 4500 square mile are with 10 MILLION FEWER PEOPLE.

So, with the demographic lesson out of the way, what’s it like to live here? Well, it’s a contradiction… It’s wonderful and awful by turns. You have every convenience of any major city in the US, well except the convenience of clean tap water. Oh, and then there is the healthcare, which is better than say an active war zone but is substandard by any other measure. However, you can purchase aIMG_4347 Ferrari, Lamborghini or McClaren… You know, because it is infinitely better to have a supercar than it is to be able to stop the rampant spread of Dysentery or Dengue fever. This is not to judge the political system, or the government, or most especially the people of Indonesia, it is to give a glimpse of the contradiction. Which makes living here challenging. You see the potential this country has and it leaves you wondering if they will reach it.

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