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The Fam
The Fam

We currently live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Allison, Aaron, Anderson, Aidan, Adam, Andrew and Me. We are a big family by current standards, and wouldn’t want it any other way. Our life, our family, has been on an incredible journey for the last 20+ years as we have lived in 3different states, 3 different countries and have moved between all of those 11 times. You could call us Gypsies. But that isn’t quite accurate as we keep calling Louisiana home. It is where we have our roots, it is where most of our family resides. Many of our friends live there and it is where our Catholic roots are anchored. Ultimately, where we “think” we will retire.

Bali Cave
Caves at Nusa Dua

So how do we get from working internationally to wanting to own a organic homestead farm? To be honest, the organic homestead farm is really the goal. Fernweh, in its previous manifestation was a cattle ranch. Owned by the same family for close to 100 hundred years- albeit with it changing hands a few times- and is deserving of its own story and is currently just pastureland with 2 ponds and some out buildings.

Bubba 1 or 2?

Because the previous owner couldn’t get one of his cows loaded into his trailer, he left our only cow. And because he was not going to get back into running cattle he went ahead left us Bubba 1 and Bubba 2, our Donkeys. So, for now that is what our menagerie consists of… Well that and a few dogs that also decided to stay. Oh, and a beehive, that looks like it might be problematic as it is not located in an apiary and has somehow attached itself on a piece of farm equipment… ‘What could go wrong?’

One of the ponds at Fernweh

We purchased the property in September 2015, mainly because of the uncertainty surrounding my line of work. So, like a lot of things in my life, we have sort of backed into this farming thing, and are looking to slowly make it work. So this is our Journey, from Jakarta to running Fernweh.


So, until we get there “permanently”, we will document the building of our Farm as well as our travels…

Moonrise Phuket, Thailand